Saurel Quettan

Steel-Wool Entrepreneur. Leadership Coach. Haitian.

I am my mother and father for whom entrepreneurship is a necessity, as it is for most of the more than 12 million inhabitants of Haiti. Perhaps unwittingly, they raised me as a “Steel-Wool Entrepreneur”. The type of entrepreneur who, like a steel wood pad, will tirelessly sand and dust off thoroughly anything that life throws at me. They also raised me to hear the collective growl of the hungry stomachs around me over the growl of my own stomach, to see beauty beyond trash, to see prosperity beyond poverty, and to see myself beyond my current circumstances.

I am from Mom and Dad, The Leaders I Most RespectI love and honor them by standing for what I believe in life and in business.

I believe that …

  • Each of us is whole and perfect, yet we don’t live like we are. Discovering this makes growth natural and improvement unnecessary.
  • To value the present gives us the freedom of limitless wonder.
  • Humans, humanity and life itself are magnificent.
  • A vulnerable, caring leader is a courageous leader.
  • Achievements are temporary and finite. Authentic success is perpetual and infinite.
  • No one person is smarter than all of us. Only the collective can reach unimagined potential.

As a leader, what are your biggest challenges?

  • Are you facing uncharted waters of change in your industry?
  • Are circumstances causing your organization to play small instead of taking steps to create a bold, new future?
  • Are you challenged by the complexity of developing and executing relevant strategies?
  • Are you struggling to build a unified culture with a shared vision?
  • Are your blind spots becoming barriers to your business and professional growth?
  • Do you yearn to make a greater impact for your family, your company and your community?

I’ve Been in Your Shoes

As I rose through the ranks during my 30+ year career, I experienced the challenges of leading as a key executive, then as a founder and CEO. I learned from good leaders and from bad. Through the combination of professional experience and researching what propels excellence, I have developed a 35-point proprietary process to help YOU become the leader you most respect. 

My methods, approaches, and actions are firmly anchored in my values. As a child of immigrants, I have been acutely aware of opportunities that many don’t see and the value of divergent points of view. I partner with leaders like you who will embrace these values with me:

  • Trust: Faith in one another’s integrity
  • Caring: Committed to one another’s well-being
  • Challenge: Courage to discover the truth
  • Growth: Dedication to professional and personal development
  • Fun: Wisdom to play and take ourselves lightly

Discover the Barriers to Growing Your Business