Leadership Coaching

The capacity to lead is neither innate nor inherited. It is a function of fitness.

We will never claim that you need a coach. But we know that the most intentional, the most effective, and the most successful leaders choose to have a coach because they want to meet milestones faster and develop to their potential. Your exeQfit coach is qualified and equipped to help you prepare for the challenges you face.

We apply our process to YOUR strengths and your vision of success. The underpinning of each coaching engagement is anchored in your LEAD Index results. This creates a common language with a powerful place to begin.

One-on-one coaching with exeQfit is not subjective — it’s designed for execution.

Using our proprietary coaching structure, we help you craft a three-month plan with goals, milestones, and accountability points for an initiative that you really care about and want to accomplish. During the process, we help you overcome barriers that are hindering or derailing your progress.

There is a flow to our facilitated approach that allows leaders to discover who they are and what they want to accomplish. We empower you to mitigate and minimize stress and more fully embrace your unique strengths, skills, and talents.

By the third session, you create a plan — a big hairy action plan — with specific steps to achieve your end goal. While execution is key during each coaching engagement, we work with leaders who are also committed to being transformed into propellers of growth and development.

With your exeQfit coach in your corner, you will improve your leadership capacity with access to the right tools to optimize your effectiveness, the right exercises to maximize your endurance, the right application to extend your stamina, and the right training to accelerate your growth. In the process, you will become the leader you most respect while building the organization you most admire.