Discover What Keeps You and Your Team Stuck

Don’t know where to start?


The exeQfit LEAD Index is a trio of comprehensive, data-driven assessments that provide insight and equip you with a map to reinforce the skills where individuals within your organization, your teams, and your organizational culture excel.

The acronym LEAD represents Leadership Effectiveness Aptitude | Drive. Within the LEAD Index, there is a specific assessment focus for individuals; one for teams; and another for organizational culture. The results provide a high-level view of the strengths, weaknesses, and gap areas — real data for creating action plans that boost performance. This information helps your people align their competencies and commitments with your organization’s core values, mission, and vision.

Our Individual Assessment proficiently assesses your personal effectiveness as viewed through ten core character competencies, four primary behavior traits, and your overall workplace attitudes, beliefs, and commitments. This information objectively gives you a guideline to your strengths, weaknesses, and reactive tendencies so you can maximize the effectiveness of your personal leadership and your performance.

Our Team Assessment helps you as a leader understand how each individual has a direct impact on your team’s effectiveness. The results reveal how an individual’s core competencies and behaviors, along with their underlying attitudes, beliefs, and commitments have a positive or negative impact on the overall team dynamic and level of achievement. 

Our Organizational Culture Assessment is utilized to acquire a high-level view of the strengths, weaknesses, and gap areas within your organizational culture using ten key indicators specifically related to the existing effectiveness of individuals, leaders, and work teams. The results of this process will enable your leadership team to begin a healthy dialogue and meaningful collaboration around establishing, developing, and sustaining your organization’s cultural objectives.

Using the data collected through the assessments, debriefing is where individuals and teams gain insight into their preferences and underlying derailers. This impartial view reveals personal barriers to high performance and how individuals can support one another as a team and join together powerfully as a collective.

Our exeQfit experts help you understand the data and gain perspective on how what you have unveiled impacts your choices. We assist in developing strategies and a plan to accelerate growth for you as an individual and as a leader, along with maximizing the effectiveness of your teams.