Circle of 8 Roundtable

Tap into the brains of experienced business leaders who serve as confidential advisors for the complex issues you face.

The exeQfit Peer Brain Trust is designed for CEOs, founders, owners, and executives with companies in growth mode who understand the power of partnership and want support and guidance to solve problems that drive results. The members represent a diverse cross section of industries, thought processes, and backgrounds. The organizations represented have a minimum of ten employees or revenues of at least 2 million dollars.

Each group is formed with a carefully vetted and diverse mix of eight leaders from non-competing industries who are committed to supporting one another for a minimum of one year — a Circle of Eight. These high-integrity, experienced leaders help you focus on what is critical and provide perspectives on your complex issues so you can execute successfully, with velocity. In return, you do the same for each of the cohorts in your circle.

What are your biggest challenges?

  • Are circumstances causing your organization to play small instead of taking steps to create a bold, new future?
  • Are you struggling to build a unified culture with a shared vision?
  • Are your blind spots becoming barriers to your business and professional growth?

Peer Brain Trusts are facilitated by Saurel Quettan, founder of exeQfit, an accomplished business leader and executive coach, who rose through the ranks as a key executive, then as a founder and CEO. With more than 30 years of business experience, Saurel has faced the same challenges that you face.

Every month, you participate in a half-day facilitated group meeting with your cohorts, sharing relevant experience and practical insights to help one another make empowered decisions. You also have two one-on-one coaching sessions each month to receive personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities. Through the combination of group interaction and individual coaching, you will discover blind spots, examine opportunities, and identify action items for accountability consistent with your commitments, goals, and action plan.

Each Peer Brain Trust is limited to a Circle of Eight to allow every member an opportunity to gain perspective on their own complex issues from an ideal sounding board of fellow leaders who become trusted advisors.