My name is Saurel J. Quettan and I am the founder and CEO of exeQfit. My purpose is to improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs, founders, owners, and key executives of small to medium-sized businesses. I help high-integrity leaders focus on the distinction between achievement and success, assisting as they define and embrace a calling greater than themselves.

I’ve been in your shoes. As I rose through the ranks during my 30+ year career, I experienced the challenges of leading as a key executive, then as a founder and CEO. I learned from good leaders and from bad. As a child of immigrants, I have been acutely aware of opportunities that many don’t see and the value of divergent points of view. I would love to share what I’ve learned  with you and your organization, to help YOU become the leader you most respect.

I’m available for interviews, keynotes, and breakout sessions on these topics and more:

  • Get Used to It, You’re Human
  • Why Who You Are is a Function of Invention, NOT Education
  • The Secret Practice for Elevating the Performance of Your Team
  • Why Most Initiatives/Projects Fail and the Prerequisite for Better Results
  • The Art & Science of Creating and Executing a Big Hairy Action Plan
  • The Language and Structures Required for High Performance in Individuals and for Teams
  • Key Practices for Becoming the Leader You Most Respect

“Saurel opened my eyes to a different way to see with an approach to running my company focused on growth and prosperity.”

Greg Whitlock, President/CEO, The Whitlock Group, Inc.

“The concepts and techniques that were shared with me and my team were groundbreaking in taking our business to the next level.”

Ivan Escobar, Owner, Promethus Group